SINCE 2022

Have you ever looked at the back of your snack bar wrapper to see what’s in it? Apparently, being able to pronounce your ingredients is a rare occasion nowadays – Nākd like to keep things simple. So when they talk about things like natural, raw ingredients, that’s exactly what they mean! Nākd doesn't subject their snacks to things like heat processing or mysterious additives. The result is a delicious, healthy fruit and nut bar, perfect for any time of the day.

Don't Look, I'm Nākd 🫐

After working with Nākd Global, we're now the appointed creative and media lead for Nākd UK, working on refining category position in this confusing 'healthy' market.

So...why does good have to taste 'good'? Why does naughty have to be naughty? Nākd bars aren't naughty, but they sure taste like they are.
Just fruit and nuts – that don't taste like just fruit and nuts – but are just fruit and nuts.