Our work

What if we could market the first branded organic egg?

The challenge

What came first? The brand or the egg?

With better farming practices than even free-range, organic eggs mean happier hens and tastier eggs that are free from chemicals at every level. Purely Organic knew they needed more than a name and some very impressive natural farms. Together, we hatched a plan for their brand, website and social presence.

Website design

The chicken or the egg? In Purely Organics case it was both.

Being a relatively new brand a website and brand was needed from scratch and this is exactly what we did! From designing with chickens and eggs, to grasses and organic feed there was a lot of room for experimenting and coming up with unique and different concepts.

The solution

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Our primary focus for Purely Organic was about connecting with consumers and building a community. We built and introduced people to a brand that is conscious, aware and all about taking progressive steps forward together.

In 2020 we managed to reach over 11 Million people all over the UK.

Social media performance
Increase in social referrals
Increase in mobile traffic

As consumers, we're traditionally so removed from where our food comes from – it was important to give transparency to Purely Organic, and align with the evermore conscious consumer.

"I’m SO glad I come across your eggs and even happier they’re sold in Tesco!! I never trust supermarket brands eggs when they say ‘free range’ so I stopped eating eggs, but I can see from your page and website that your hens are really looked after and are very organic! Can’t wait to have them for my scrambled eggs in the morning" - @laura.edwards.photography

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The solution

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