Our work

Our timeless work for OBW Collection.

Taking BEAR on an adventure outside.

The challenge

What if we could bring the luxury watch experience online?

OBW Collection searches the world for the rarest and most beautiful vintage timepieces. We worked with founder, Conor O'Reilly, to focus on a design-orientated minimal website with a complex back

The site works on the idea of an ever-updating collection of unique or pristine examples of horological excellence. As one watch is sold, another is introduced into the collection immediately. With various external third-party integrations and a wonderfully straightforward bespoke CMS, Conor has everything he needs to continue bringing some of the finest watches in the world to market.

Website design

The Full Set.

A brand that delivers such specialist items and care deserves a look and a site website that reflects that.

We worked with OBW Collection to create their brand, focusing particularly on a premium content style. We shaped a film and photography feel that brought the watches to life with an Instagram-first approach. 

We continue to support our friends with audience research and advertising, helping them connect with high-end collectors across the globe.

View our work in action

"What impressed me most was MK21's ability to grasp the intricacies of our specialist industry and a particularly well-informed audience. They understood how - and where - to speak with these high net worth individuals, connecting us with collectors worldwide. "

Conor O'Reilly, Founder