Our work

How we changed the way Gü did business.

The challenge

What if we could rethink how the largest dessert brand in the UK spoke to their customers?

It's a testament to how amazing those little ramekins of indulgent joy are. Somehow, Gü were the UK's Number 1 premium dessert brand with almost no Instagram presence and a dated website. MK21 were brought on board to reconnect with consumers online and help cement their leading position in the dessert aisle.

The solution

The proof is in the pudding.

How we served up sweet social growth. 

We were fortunate that these lovely little puds are known by so many – both in the UK and globally. Our approach was about connecting with everyone that had a Gü Ramekin in one hand and their favourite spoon in the other. We looked to strike a balance between premium luxury and curled-up-on-the-sofa comfort. 

Social change

30,000 engaged Gü lovers in 9 months.

Social media performance
Increase in instagram following

We worked with Gu’s marketing team to structure organic pillars that formed the foundations of the social channels. This variety really helped growth because, apparently, there is such a thing as too much dessert.

We then used Paid Social Media to amplify our campaigns, adapting and learning about their audience alongside Gü. We focussed on growing the channel while keeping an impressive level of brand engagement throughout - using collaborations with influencers to reach loyal fans. 

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Website design

Like a pud left on the shelf too long, the Gü website was a little stale.

Over time and changing creative, the website had become outdated and didn't represent the direction of the brand. 

We baked them an entirely new landmark site that became a practical part of their future. It doesn't just look good, we worked with them to create a website that functionally enables them to move into their next step of unapologetically indulgent goodness. 

In all of this, we made sure the site is easily updatable and maintainable by them – no need to call us at 2am for pudding related emergencies (though that is the best kind of emergency).

View our work in action

Some campaigns we've shot.

Christmas film 2020

Give the Gift of Gü.

2020. What a year. This Christmas we wanted to reflect on the turbulent year we’ve had separated from each other, and focus on what’s important - celebrating those special moments of joy with those we care about most through giving a ‘Gift Of Gü’.

We enlisted the help of poet Matt Abbott and voiceover artist Terrell Lewis to help narrate this short 60-second advert through use of spoken word poetry; touching on those special moments of connection with family and friends, even if they’re ‘miles apart’.

Christmas film 2020: Behind the scenes

How we created our vision.

We collaborated with our production partners Wiseguys to help bring the film to life, filming on-location over a three day shoot whilst in accordance to the Covid-19 guidelines which in all made for a hectic, but incredibly rewarding production.

It was great to see audiences interacting with the film, and feeling festive, cosy and warm after watching the ad. Overall, the film was another successful piece of brand love, helping to share the Gü experience whilst spreading some well-needed festive cheer in what has been quite a turbulent year for us all.

Valentines film 2020

Love is in the air.

Throughout our romance with Gü Puds we have produced visuals for a number of creative campaigns used across digital. Some of our favourites have to include an interactive Valentine's Day campaign and the 2019 Christmas film, thanking all those who worked over the festive season.

Christmas film 2019

Giving back this Christmas

The idea was simple – visit as many people as possible and deliver them an unholy amount of Gü. The challenge? Visiting them all in just one day. With a film crew and some meticulous planning, we battled both the clock and the quickly fading sunlight to shoot a heartwarming festive film.As you can imagine, it’s impossible to thank everyone that deserved it. But we were very proud to feature the Fire Service, NHS, Network Rail, CMG Rescue Services & Willen Hospice as part of the final film.We were delighted to see how well the final product was received online. Users organically shared and tagged their friends, family and loved ones – thanking them for everything they do. The film was a successful piece of brand love, helping to share the Gü experience whilst spreading some festive cheer to those who matter most.

The solution

From Puds to Pups.