Our work

What if we could change the behaviour of an entire city?

The challenge

It isn’t the Theatre District anymore …

If you could time travel even just a little bit, you would find that pre-2017 people called this little Central Milton Keynes destination the Theatre District. After a multi-million pound renovation and a rename, the area remained unfairly met with an unsavoury perception. 

We needed to change opinions, change behaviours, and change what people kept calling it. 

The solution

So we
got to work.

Thinking of all the ways we could bury the unfavourable memories of the Theatre District, we played with how to bring 12th Street to life.

If anything, we found that what you do at your destination is more important than the location itself. So we turned our attention and creative inspiration to the most famous and iconic streets of the world. 

The distinct yet understated visual identity we created for 12th Street allowed the attention to be on what really matters – the leisure in the leisure quarter.

The solution

Word On The Street.

12th Street largely comes to life on billboards and social media for the residents of Milton Keynes. Like a familiar invitation, the personable and human tone of voice is arguably the most integral component to the brand. More than anything, we wanted to make sure that all communications exuded a memorable personality, conversational character, and accurately reflected all that the leisure quarter has to offer.

Social media performance
Increase in social referals
Increase in mobile traffic

When we first took over the 12th Street account, their social channels were a ghost town, and any mention of the new name was met with a confused "wait, is that the old Theatre District?". Through two years of city-wide campaigns, successful loyalty cards and an active insta-feed, the Leisure Quarter is now a thriving part of Milton Keynes' nightlife and daytime experience. 

On and offline, you'll find people reminiscing fond memories of family time, office bonding and nights out at 12th Street – not The Theatre District.

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Website design

Think bustling bars and fun packed evenings, just on a website.

A place to deliver this new brand and name was important. But just as important as this was to building community awareness of the latest happenings on the street.

The site needed to be an extension of the marketing, not a once in a blue moon update. And in this increasingly uncertain world (thanks, COVID), a place to communicate what 12th Street is doing to keep people safe (and sane). 'Word on the street' is our way of saying "hello neighbour, did you hear..."

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