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The Brief.

Morning brews, quintessential cuppa's and hot chocolate by the fire - Timeless classics that help Britain get up, perk up or wind down. But how does that adoration work in today's digital world?

Working alongside Whittard of Chelsea, MK21 were tasked with increasing ROI for Facebook Prospecting and Retargeting. 

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We started like a bad game of Guess Who. How could we target an audience if we didn't know what we were looking for?

Demographics. Psychographics. Geographics.

The more we looked into categorising audiences and their hot drink choices, the more conflicting and confusing the process became.

Given the fluidity and individuality in people, we found it pointless to try and categorise by the restrictive and classic methods of targeting.

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Profiling, down to a tea.

Our approach involved creating a bespoke targeting process, built on isolating behaviour and drinking occasion.

Understanding a customer journey and the decision making process that led them to arrive at the brand, our 'Behaviour Profiles' allow us to efficiently target with pivoted variables. 




The Behaviour Profiles

Respondent to adapting tastes and consumer behaviour, the profiles were created to be used as a flexible tool that learns and provides direction. 

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Our approach seems to have hit the spot. In over a year of being with our brewing friends, we have expanded the brand through acquisition – consistently increasing both retention and overall traffic to the Whittard of Chelsea website YOY.   


Return on AdSpend


Media Impressions


Reduction in CPC (YOY)



This project is part of the ongoing Tea Party held by MK21 and Whittard of Chelsea.