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Why your business needs podcasts!

Let’s talk about what a podcast actually is and who listens to them? 

A podcast is on-demand radio, between 30-40 minutes, covering any subject matter. From crime thrillers and business management to finance and fitness, there are over 1 million podcast channels on iTunes alone, meaning there really is something for everyone. 2019 saw a shift in behaviour from ‘Do you listen to podcasts?’ to ‘What Podcasts do you listen to?’. As podcasts become the norm, a huge 7.1 million people in the UK are listening to podcasts every week, which is a 24% growth year on year (doubled over five years). So what a better time than now to kick start your business podcast!

  1. We need a break from screens

We’ve reached capacity with our screens, and although visuals and videos are great, it burns out our eyes no matter what your age or profile is. As marketers, we have to be in places other than behind the screens for when the burnout happens and podcasts help solve this issue. 40% of people will listen to podcasts while doing housework, 22% while driving, 20% whilst exercising and 90% of people listen in isolation. So whether people are looking to listen to content because of burn out or to simply give a distraction from mundane day to day tasks, be the option for screen free content.  

  1. Ideal for on the go lives 

We are used to making our own decisions on what we want, when we want it and podcasts are the Netflix of Audio. You have access to a million titles about something that interests you. Not only are the podcasts accessible, 4G and 5G allow us to stream and download wherever we are whatever device we are on. Podcasts offer portability in a world where we are constantly on the go.

  1. People who download want to listen and engage!

When someone downloads a podcast, it’s because they want to listen. 64% of people who start a podcast, listen to the whole podcast. Unlike a blog where someone can read the first half and click off, people tend to listen to the whole podcast. This is perfect for building an engaged audience that connects with your brand on a much deeper level. 

  1. Be thought leaders 

Podcasts position you as an individual or business as thought-leaders in industry. They give added value to peers and clients by sharing tips and tricks of your trade. By positioning yourself as an educator it not only gives knowledge to the listener, but raises Top of Mind Awareness for your business. So when your listener is thinking of an industry, product or service, you will be the first they consider. 

  1. Reach more people

Podcasts offer a great way to engage with more people more of the time and potentially make new connections! As part of the wider marketing mix, podcasts are a great way to reach your customers, new customers or employees. Those who may not have time to read your newsletters or social media, would potentially listen to a podcast. This gives you as a business an opportunity to start talking to these new people to potentially open up other opportunities. 

You have to be brave and committed if you’re going to produce a podcast. Make sure you have the content that would interest a listener and you post regularly! If there is a podcast already out there that you know your customers listen to, discuss sponsorship opportunities or advertising and you can benefit from an already engaged audience without having to produce yourself - or be a guest! CLICK HERE for our blog on ‘Where to start with your podcast’.

Written by Leon Chow, 02/04/2020