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Where To Start With Your Podcast?

Are Podcasts Right For Your Business? Almost Certainly Yes. If you’re fully on board with podcasts and want to get started please take these 6 steps of advice! At Mk21 we have been creating podcasts as a company for years and have found that these top tips will get any business started in the right direction.         


  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Understand who you want to talk to, and exactly what it is you want to offer and get out of a podcast. Auditing that landscape is essential. Ask why should people listen to your podcast? This is the most important question you can ask yourself when creating a podcast. Think of the listener first. Will they get something out of listening to your podcast and come away feeling informed, entertained and feel that it was worthy of their time? 
  2. Hire an Agency or Producer. If you can afford to, get a production house - the most incredible people in media is a radio producer, they understand how to build brilliant audio and Sound Quality has to be good. You cannot produce a podcast with bad audio quality as it won’t represent your brand well. It is exactly the same ethos as if you had a poor website. The quality of audio is one of the most important aspects when creating podcast content. 
  3. Get great guests and voices. Don’t let Carol from accounts be on the podcast just because she wants her ego boosting. Make sure you get great guests and voices. This will make sure that every episode is packed with fun, interesting people. 
  4. Preparation is key. Make sure each podcast is scripted, planned, prepared. It’s so easy to go off track and ideally you don’t want to do that. Before committing to a podcast, you absolutely must consider what it is you actually want to talk about. Write down exactly what you want to cover and ensure you stay on topic.If you fall into the trap of going on a tangent your listener may lose interest! 
  5. Be Brave and Committed! Release podcasts regularly and be brave in what you talk about! Don’t worry if your first series doesn’t build the following that you initially expected. Keep persevering! It might take a series or two to build that momentum, but when you do and you have an engaged and subscribed audience - it really pays off!
  6. Don’t treat it as a constant advertising stream for your business.  Of course it’s great for your brand to get a mention here and there on a podcast, but as soon as it becomes an advertising stream it can get a bit too much for listeners. Listeners have downloaded your podcast to learn or be entertained, not to be advertised to. So make sure you strike the balance by mentioning your brand once or twice, and focussing on the podcast content.

So now you know how to get going! Give it a go! Podcasts are a great tool for any business. And of course, if you don’t have time in-house, why not reach out to see how we can help at MK21. We have the equipment, experience and producers to give you the helping hand that you may need . 

Written by Jade Holding, 02/04/2020