Hello you! We're MK21, it's nice to meet you


At MK21 we’re in the business of making people content. Both the noun and the adjective

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Our business is built on the understanding that, as digital natives, nobody could navigate the digital landscape as naturally as us. 

So, what does that mean? Well we never saw a floppy disk, and to us, you find trolls on Twitter, not under a bridge. Utilising our instinctive use of technology and an eye for creativity & marketing, we are proud to be working alongside local businesses and worldwide brands in all things content.

It’s not that we don’t have services, it’s that they don’t confine us. From branding to paid social, campaign planning to website development, our collective of complementary talents allows us to wield creative outlets – consistently delivering innovative solutions.

This is why we are an agency of energy and vision. We understand you’re not special if you can use Photoshop and you're just expected to know how to use social media. We aren't bound by filling roles out of necessity,we focus on finding that creative je ne sais quoi within each of us...and have a damn good time doing so.

With this in mind we developed and perfected our creative method. We're gonna let you in on a little secret- we're not actually magicians. In fact, we're closer to scientists, or crazy, we're honestly not too sure. 

But we've found the secret formula...

Think. Make. Do. 

It’s simple, our clients approach us with problems. We provide solutions through content.

Through this method, we have created a way of fulfilling client objectives and exceeding their expectations. 

The mix of passion, creativity, and individuality has brought together a team of hungry thinkers, makers and doers. Our team works cohesively using their personal strengths to create content that is innovative and effective. Let’s introduce you to some of them:


Oliver Dean -  Managing Director, the one who has matching pocket squares and broaches

At just 19, Oliver founded MK21 and brought together a group of young creative minds. This led to the creation of a company with a team of people possessing a variety of both strong and complementary talents. Oliver has developed a business that breathes passion into each and every project that it undertakes. 


Chris Francis - Creative Director, the one with the magic design wand

As our creative director, Chris’ tentative eye enables the team to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in our work. As a multi-faceted talented creator himself, Chris oversees the production of all design, development, videography and photography. 


Leon Chow - Manager of Creative Strategy, the one with the lightbulb moments

Bringing critical thinking and creative implementation, Leon is responsible for managing the strategic direction of projects. Leading with insight, Leon will define the process which highlights opportunity and measures the potential success of our final produced outcome.


Ellie Merridale - Account Manager, the one with the shoulder to cry on

Ellie is the direct line of contact between our clients and MK21.  Ellie’s talents shine in liaising with clients in a kind and professional manner with clarity and direction. Her driven and timely nature ensures efficient delegation and delivery.


Katy Smith - Content Manager, the one who has a mild Friends obsession

A true digital native, Katy generates content that garners results, while simultaneously building an engaged digital community. She knows the ever changing and complex Instagram algorithm like the back of her hand.


Dan Kearney – Designer, the one who forgets to pay for parking

As part of our design team Dan helps to produce content that captivates the target demographic. A wizard in motion graphics, he helps to create unique content that is unexpected and captures attention. 


And that’s just a few of our team. Our agency is built around creativity and inspiring one another. We foster an environment where all ideas are heard and built from one another, constantly seeking creativity and inspiration from all around us. This is why a group of talented thinkers, makers and doers are proud to call this agency home. 

Signing off,


Katy Smith